We got our hands on the news that a good emotional story hidden gem of a game is coming to PlayStation.  So please read on for more….


Today, developer Humble Grove and indie label Fellow Traveller (Citizen Sleeper, Paradise Killer, Genesis Noir) launched No Longer Home for both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 via the PlayStation Store.


Inspired by real-life events, No Longer Home is a contemporary narrative indie game about two non-binary protagonists, Ao and Bo, as they are forced to undergo changes in their lives brought on by situations out of their control.

Conveying powerful and relatable themes surrounding identity, uncertainty and relationships, No Longer Home closely connects players with moments of everyday life in a refreshingly honest story about letting go of the life you’ve built due to circumstances beyond your control.

First released on PC and Mac on July 30, 2021 and then on Nintendo Switch and Xbox consoles on October 7, 2021, No Longer Home has received critical praise and positive reception for its relatable and deeply honest storytelling.

Our Thoughts

It is a slow burn game, where you will hear about an experience not heard often.   It has a great soundtrack and is a good budget level game to get.

This game wont be for everyone but will surprise allot of people with the hidden depth in there .

For more Information

No Longer Home is available now from the PlayStation store. As with previous versions of the game, PlayStation versions include localisation in Japanese and Simplified Chinese.

For more information about No Longer Home and its PlayStation debut, please visit Humble Grove’s website and follow them and Fellow Traveller on Twitter.

Info and images courtesy of fellowtraveller games and double jump.

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