Caverns of Mars: Recharged is available today on PC via Steam and Epic Games, and PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox One and Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch! Blast through enemies and descend into the centre of the Red Planet.


Steam Description“Race through caverns while blasting away enemies and terrain to reach the depths of Mars in this reimagining of the 1981 classic.”



Captaining a fully armed spacecraft, players will progress through 30 unique missions set within three primary “depths” of Mars. Featuring both a Challenge and Arcade mode, furiously blast through swaths of enemies (and even the environment), sinking deeper into the depths of Mars. Be careful though, while the ship’s ammo is limited the foes certainly aren’t. Featuring a unique local co-op mode, players can team up with one partner assigned to navigation while the other player shoots from an indestructible drone!

Key Features Include:

  • Destructible Environments: The environments in Caverns of Mars: Recharged are fully destructible — don’t hesitate to blast through any obstruction in your way, but be wary of fuel reserves. Each shot depletes fuel, but speedy travel grants time bonuses.
  • Two Unique Modes: Traverse the depths of Mars in three stages in Arcade Mode, strategically choosing upgrades and power-ups that will make each run unique, or glide through 30 bite-sized levels in Challenge Mode.
  • Perky Power-Ups: Collect weapons that will change your strategy on the fly for tactical manoeuvring. Carve a new path with a well-aimed railgun shot or let the spread of a shotgun blast do the talking for you!
  • Local Co-Op: Split the responsibilities of navigating and shooting in exciting local co-op. Divide and conquer to make it to the centre of Mars!



It is a smaller game to what we would normally pick out but it so has the feel of the classic Downwell that was a few years ago.  Going down into the caverrns of Mars and progressing in a linear fashion.

Looking at the price point on Steam of £8.50.  Its at its level and plays on it well.  We didnt even realise it was a remake of an 1980s game on researching it, dam the graphics have been reworked.


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Caverns of Mars: Recharged is now available on Windows PC via SteamEpic Games StorePlayStation 4 & 5Xbox OneXbox Series X|SNintendo Switch, and Atari VCS.

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