Speaking to someone who voted in the Brexit Referendum – I voted remain, but do not agree with the political storms on our seas. USA  have their own storms due to the polarizing character in Donald Trump.

The two levels of government in terms of House of Representatives and The Senate. Both looked to be going to the wire. One went to each of the major two parties in America, wish it was more than a two party system but that’s just me.

For us in the UK, think of it of voting for both elections in the House of Commons and the House of Lords (We don’t do the Lords in reality), without it deciding who is Prime Minister.  Blue and Red are the major colours with UK Political Parties and its the same with USA.

Time to break down the results briefly.

The Democrats – Blue

The democrats have won the house. They gained the votes swing  from where it was previously to take the House. If you look at the map on any major news site – it is still very red – but blue areas are major cities on either coast with a few surprises in southern (usually republican states.)


The Republicans – Red

They won the Senate. Making gains in central USA, showing that their is no real major political swing on the cards. More people are voting and it is great to see.


Overall Thoughts 

It shows that the political climate in USA has taken a hit when Trump took power.  Trump won the people over but the last two years, more people are making their voices heard.

They maybe polarizing views or but as long as voices are heard and you are represented – you have done well.  With the blue red divide in the major government levels, you now have some safeguard against Trump’s unpredictable nature.