Hell is Other Demons is a PC/ Switch game that we managed to play in Mid June.  Here is a quick Rehashed Review of the game.  Freshly played before re-put together.  Still a good game….



Hell is Other Demons is a fast paced arcade shooter fit with bold dynamic colour schemes and a unique synthwave soundtrack.

Aim of the game is to step into the role of a demon who needs to kill more demons to progress to a great conclusion.  Campaign is extensive with wonderfully strange over the top bosses to tackle.  This attunes nicely to the arsenal of powerful weapons and weird and wacky upgrades to make each play through different.


A good 2D Platformer, uniquely different to others on the market. Good art, good music, hugh replay value – what more can you ask for?

Is it everyone’s cup of tea. No, each game can last 2 seconds or 2 hours it all depends on what you pick to power yourself up.  The learning curve is quite quick though, so you might end up having a few quick games ruined by choices but more you play – more you find your play style.

At time of writing, £7.19 on Steam. Need a quick game to throw yourself into – this is probably it.  We wait for a sale – but add this to your watch list straight away.

Originally Reviewed at the beginning of June. It was a good quick play game with echos back to Downwell.  4/5 rating. 

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Developer-  Cuddle Monster Games

Publisher – Kongregate

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