Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX – Game Review

A legend returns in a platforming classic game with a graphical overhaul.  This 35 year old platformer (from 1986) gets a overhaul graphically whilst still playing the classic beats of the original game.   Gameplay Alex Kidd works like every other classic platformer.  The game focuses on classic gameplay from the original 35 year old… Continue reading Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX – Game Review

Game To Look Out For – Harvest Moon: One World

It is time to enter the world of Harvest Moon with Harvest Moon: One World coming to Switch.  This brand new world presents new opportunities to explore, farm and see some new exotic animals.   About The story of One World is all about the journey.  The world was once a world rich with resources… Continue reading Game To Look Out For – Harvest Moon: One World

Speed Limit – Switch Game Review

Love classic action sequences in films and think you can do better?  Enter the Speed Limit with lots of those action scenes thrown in – Escape a train, motorcycle chase, car chase and lots more.   About The game’s story takes the player’s to an average Joe’s daily commute to work. You are this seemingly… Continue reading Speed Limit – Switch Game Review

Persephone – Switch Game Review

Want a puzzle game that is a combination of Lemmings and Lara Croft Go?  If that idea Intrigued you please read on for our review of Persephone for the Nintendo Switch.   About Persephone is a turn based isometric puzzle game that explores the  platformer aspect of death. What if death is not the end… Continue reading Persephone – Switch Game Review

Space Invaders Forever – Game Review

How about a journey into the classic world of Space Invaders with some interesting twist.  Enter Space Invaders Forever which contains 3 games within one collection. About Space Invaders Forever is a collection of three different games, which include: Space Invaders Extreme Space Invaders Gigamax 4 SE Arkanoid vs Space Invaders   Space Invaders Extreme… Continue reading Space Invaders Forever – Game Review

Wilmot’s Warehouse – PC Game Review

One of our most recent games that we picked up in the Sales comes in Wilmot’s Warehouse. A game with a simple premise of stacking goods and giving them out. This felt like one of the most chillout games to find.  We believe it should help most people declutter their own mind as they organise… Continue reading Wilmot’s Warehouse – PC Game Review

Foregone – PC Game Review

Last Week we got the chance to play Foregone, a fast fluid 2d action platformer with a terrific weapon system and stunning pixel art graphics.   About Foregone is a fast action based platformer similar to the Castlevania in its 2d nature.  The aim of the game is to follow a complex story about the… Continue reading Foregone – PC Game Review

Alpaca Ball: Allstars – Switch, PC Game Preview

Are you fed up of FIFA? Need a arcade feel with non human players? Look no further that Alpaca Ball: Allstars. About Imagine playing football with a Alpaca, it is not going to be elegant. Focusing on the fun, hilariously chaotic, physics-driven game for 1-8 players.   Features Create your Own Alpaca–  You gotta go… Continue reading Alpaca Ball: Allstars – Switch, PC Game Preview