A legend returns in a platforming classic game with a graphical overhaul.  This 35 year old platformer (from 1986) gets a overhaul graphically whilst still playing the classic beats of the original game.



Alex Kidd works like every other classic platformer.  The game focuses on classic gameplay from the original 35 year old game, whilst still being able to choose from classic graphics and up to date graphics and sounds too.

Alex Kidd plays with simple controls of Jump, Punch and Crouch. Timing these actions can be very hard at times but once you are through you will want to play one more level.


However we do have to mention that the game feels like a older platformer with the same frustrations that you would have in the past. The levels are too short, whilst the enemies can kill you will the slightest of touches (which is very frustrating).

This level was frustrating to get through to say the least.

The game does have plenty of surprises along the way, with powerups able to be purchased along the way.  Bosses are beaten in “Ro Sham Bo” battles of luck – these can be weirdly interesting at times. Predicting what the computer picks got us thinking.



It hits the nostalgia factor but does not bring anything new to the table.  We played for several hours and had to play with infinite lives to get anywhere in the game.  This is not a forgiving game for the average platformer player and will be a niche title to pick up.

We played on PC and taking into account the current retail price – We score this game a 2/5.  If you liked the original, it is worth the pick up. If you have not played before – it is worth playing the demo to see if the game is for you. 



For More Info –

The game is available on Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC.

We reviewed the game with a Press Code provided to us. As always, our thoughts are our own.

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