Want a puzzle game that is a combination of Lemmings and Lara Croft Go?  If that idea Intrigued you please read on for our review of Persephone for the Nintendo Switch.



Persephone is a turn based isometric puzzle game that explores the  platformer aspect of death. What if death is not the end of the level but the key to solving the levels as you go.  Choose your route and walk across your own dead bodies to reach the exit to progress.

With a concept of simply reaching the exit, it brings you in and makes you want to complete the levels. “Just one more level” will be what you say. 


The story is of Incarnate Persephone, a young woman who tries to reach the bottom of hell to meet her beloved Hades. However she will never expect that her mother Demeter is trying to stop the two lovers from meeting.

The full game includes three stories with you seeing the stories of Persephone, Demeter and Hades.



  • The game is made without any text to read, this lets the player learn by playing
  • The visual are colourful and adds bright theme to a darkly concept
  • The music is made by an academical classic composer. This brings great value to the game.



  • More than 120 puzzle levels to complete brings good longevity to the game.  Also with 10 original and different environments to work out their unique level mechanics – keeps the game fresh and interesting.



We entered the game, only knowing the basics and it blew us out of the water for good and bad reasons.  The concept of death working to get you to the exit was great, we have not had a “Lemmings” like game in a while.  It pushes the player to think in different ways as it brings in new mechanics bit by bit.  That progress and its simple no text look made us love it.

If you do not know the mythology behind Persephone, this game will be fine for you. It has good gameplay and keeps the player entertained.  However we do,  the art style represents a very child like character and her journey.  It does not do the subject matter justice and it loses score cause of this.

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