One of our most recent games that we picked up in the Sales comes in Wilmot’s Warehouse. A game with a simple premise of stacking goods and giving them out.

This felt like one of the most chillout games to find.  We believe it should help most people declutter their own mind as they organise a simple virtual 2D warehouse.

As Wilmot (represented by a Square), you have to organise over 200 different crates to prepare them for sale.


You as Wilmot are tasked with organising your supplies to ship out to the customers in a small time frame. A simple big empty warehouse with 6 pillars is your starting point, do you organise them in their use, their colours, their themes – the choice is yours.

For our gameplay, we put the foods along one pillar, the clothes on one and evolved it from there. Many a time having to reorganise, because the quantity of your items changes too.  Space can be at a premium.

Once organised (or when time runs out when the shop window opens), your customers arrives with their orders.  Wilmot now has to pick up the packages and get them to the window in time. Depending on how you have organised things, this might be quick or slow.

At the start, you can hold 8 crates – rotating them can be key to getting around the tight gaps in your warehouse.


Overall Thoughts

Chillout game, it kept us entertained for several hours with its simple premise and design.

At time of writing, it is on Sale on Steam (£6.83), so it is worth the pickup if you need a chillout game.

Rating 4/5 – Good simple gameplay, that evolves as the game goes on.


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Released on 29TH August 2019

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Also available on Switch

Also Available on iPhone and iPad

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