Love classic action sequences in films and think you can do better?  Enter the Speed Limit with lots of those action scenes thrown in – Escape a train, motorcycle chase, car chase and lots more.



The game’s story takes the player’s to an average Joe’s daily commute to work. You are this seemingly average joe and get ambushed by armed police. The action includes everything from car chases to a jet fighter battle. Speed Limit is an unashamed old school action extravaganza.



Features include:

  • Genre Swapping Adventure –  It is not just a shooter, its starts from a escape the train but continues with racing planes, cars and jet planes. This will test the limits of the player’s reactions.
  • Complete Story Arc – Every action scene has a purpose and is seamlessly brought into play with good transition sequences.


  • Unlockable endless mode and Time Trial Mode
  • High energy Soundtrack
  • All graphics are hand drawn frame by frame



Very bullet hell in nature with a interesting story concept brought in. Tad on the short side for us with limited replay-ability.  However with its price point of £9.99 (at time of writing), it is definitely value for money.

4/5 Rating.  Value for Money, Good premise, want to see more from them.


For more Info –

The game is available on PS4, PS5, Steam, Switch and both the Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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