Are you fed up of FIFA? Need a arcade feel with non human players? Look no further that Alpaca Ball: Allstars.


Imagine playing football with a Alpaca, it is not going to be elegant. Focusing on the fun, hilariously chaotic, physics-driven game for 1-8 players.



Create your Own Alpaca–  You gotta go a whole lot of crazy to get that perfect Alpaca.

Use your Neck – The powerful piece of the alpaca is the neck. curve that neck or swing that neck in for the powerful hit.  Make the ball bounce in the physics of the game and why not hit your opponent?


Campaign – Embark on an adventure either alone or with a friend. Push on a interesting journey to save your home.

Modes – Up to 8 Players in 4 vs 4 matches. Local and Online available with Steam remote play available for PC.


Our Thoughts

Love the comedic value and it will be a good casual game to add to a sport and non sport lovers a like.  Looks fun and we cannot wait to see more about it.

Need a good funny game – at £15.49 (currently) , it looks a good price to pick up.



For More Info

Available on Switch, Windows now.

Available in Q1 2021 for PS4 and Xbox One. 

Developer – Salt Castle Studio

Publisher – Badland Publisher

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