A game which intrigued us with the ever evolving farming sim and story modes of games.  The art style brought us in but could it hold our attention?



So enter the world of Summer of Mara.  It focuses on the story of Koa, a young and couragous girl and her journey.  Its a story which has a strong narrative and the warm colours and intriguing characters draw you in.

As Koa, you have a entire island to care for and an entire ocean to explore. Explore this tropical archipelago with the mechanics of farming, crafting, and exploration all within the journey.



Simple start with each day beginning with the player at home. Take on quests and build and look after your ever evolving island.

First few hours of the playthrough, it takes you through the basics of the game. However it does not give clear answers how to solve those problems.

Once the player gets through these unclear tutorials, the story truly begins.

Keep patience with it and the game builds and builds to good moments along the way. There are a few bad moments and tedious fetch quests but keep faith and you will be fine.



If Animal Crossing had not hit the market when it did, we be saying this game is top notch however it did.  It will lose too many players in the first initial few hours due to an unclear beginning to the game.

The tutorials are not clear and you can lose patience trying to find a sometimes simple problem. Once you get past those couple of hours of finding your feet, it becomes a better game with its expansive world at your feet.

With its gorgeous graphics and 2d animation, then it’s use of vibrant colours it keeps your attention. It offers good range in story and offers opportunity to build and develop the home island.

3.5/5.  Good Game, needs tweaks in UI.

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