What do you think is the most Trustworthy UK Accent? Brummie? Scouse?  Yorkshire is actually the answer, 60%  of the study including several employers voted for the Yorkshire accent.



The Study by Onbuy.com was done to find out what accent was the best to Employers. They asked 2,221 people to listen to 15 British Accents and ask who would they trust or favour in job interviews.

What they Did

2,221 people were told to listen to 15 different accents via voice recordings. Then each participant are told to vote for which ones are more trustworthy with the same question:

“Which out of all of the following accents do you
believe to be the most trustworthy? (Which do you consider most friendly and least

After they hear each recording they also write down 3 adjectives to best describe what they just heard.


Key Findings

After they tallied the results they found some interesting things. They found that the Yorkshire accent is the most trustworthy with participants often describing the accent as “intelligent” and “calming” 60% of the study favoured their accent.

In Scotland for accents, Edinburgh accent came above Glaswegian by 32% difference.  Edinburgh got 52% of the people favouring them, whilst Glaswegian got 20%. They found the Edinburgh accent had a more softer and rounder sound to it.  It had more “soothing” and “friendly” values to the it.

The least trustworthy in this study is unfortunately the Birmingham Brummie Accent.  It was found to have only 4% of the study liking the sound of it. The accent was found to be “slow” and often “monotone”. 



The Study Full Results 

Yorkshire – 60%

Received Pronunciation (“Queens English”) – 57%

Edinburgh – 52%

Welsh – 48%

Geordie – 40%

Boltonian – 38%

Northern Irish  – 30%

West Country – 27%

Mancunian 25%

Essex – 22%

Glaswegian – 20%

Cockney – 17%

East Anglian – 10%

Scouse – 8%

Birmingham – 4%



For More Information

Thank you for Onbuy.com for commissioning the study  – and letting us use it for this quick intriguing article.


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