Quick Thoughts – Nimbatus – The Space Drone Constructor

We love games that aim to be creatively different and Nimbatus hit our inbox and it brought good feelings out. Its aiming to be different and niche – and we do not see that as often anymore.   What is it? Nimbatus – The Space Drone Constructor is an simulation game about space exploration, science … Read more Quick Thoughts – Nimbatus – The Space Drone Constructor

Single – Marvin’s Revenge – Overlook

In a Grungey mood? How about some Revenge of the Marvin variety. Marvin’s Revenge is next up in our look at some of the latest Singles out.  Marvin’s Revenge are a small band with a good outlook for the future.   Marvin’s Revenge  They are a three piece grunge and alternative rock band from Derbyshire, … Read more Single – Marvin’s Revenge – Overlook

Single – The Rocket – Focus

Next up, time to board the “pop-punk” rocket of The Rocket.  They recently premiered their new single via New Noise Magazine, and dam we glad they did.   The Single – A play by numbers rock song to begin with, but then hits a note with its underlying lyrics.  Throwing you a loop with its … Read more Single – The Rocket – Focus

Single – Iselin – Lost

Time for a bit of pop in your life. Life moves around and you just throw yourself into some emotional pop. Iselin hits that chord well. About the Song Its all about the waves you ride. It is so heartfelt and affecting to the core.  “Lost” builds up the sound through its lyrics and adds … Read more Single – Iselin – Lost

Single – Gregory Alan Isakov – Dark, Dark, Dark

Singles come and go in our inbox. As part as our renewed effort to bring Music to the masses. First up is Gregory Alan Isakov. An interesting song to start things off. About the Song Gregory Alan Isakov’s new Song, “Dark, Dark, Dark,” has just premiered on Billboard. We put our ear to the song … Read more Single – Gregory Alan Isakov – Dark, Dark, Dark